by Skip Towne & the Greyhounds

Skip Towne & the Greyhounds Detours CDChicago Style Blues and Jazz with a 10 piece band featuring Peter Quinn, (“The Curly Shuffle,” Jump ‘n The Saddle), Kenny Anderson (Ohio Players), “Johnny Showtime” Janowiak (Liquid Soul) and John “Phloss” Rice on slide guitar (Mavis Staples, Wilco). Release Date: 2007

1. Soul Intro / The Chicken
2. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens
3. Please Stop Messin’ Round
4. Messin’ With The Kid
5. Cantaloupe Island
6. My Baby’s Gone
7. Natural Ball
8. Up The Line
9. Chitlins Con Carne
10. Whinin’ Boy Moan
11. Just A Little Bit (Teeny Weeny Bit)
12. All Blues
13. I Got Loaded
14. Buzz Me
15. Killer Joe
16. The Curly Shuffle

“Well played, grooves well, good soloing, good drive in the band…You guys are fine players.”
Reviewer: Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records, January, 2008

“I found this an enjoyable LP… well played and grooves well…good soloing all around….good drive in the band. I enjoyed it….Considering that many of your jobs are private events, this kind of repertoire and approach is really smart…You guys are fine players…Thanks for sharing the fine playing.”

Road Works Live

by Skip Towne & the Greyhounds

Skip Towne & the Greyhounds Roadworks CDChicago Style Rockin\’ Blues: Hard driving,Live Blues with a full horn section and 10 piece band featuring Peter Quinn, (\”The Curly Shuffle\” (Jump\’n The Saddle)) and \”Brother John\” Kattke (Buddy Guy, Jr. Wells, Eric Clapton and Koko Taylor).

1. Mystery Train
2. Let The Good Times Roll
3. She Caught The Katy
4. I Get Evil
5. Life Is Hard
6. Broke And Hungry
7. T-Bone Shuffle
8. Sick And Tired
9. Georgia
10. Big Chief
11. Mustang Sally
12. You Don’t Miss Your Water
13. Back Door Man
14. Hard Luck Case
15. Mystery Train Reprise

“This is an impressive album… a fine job…this compares well with better know bands…it makes me want to see the band…these tunes swing…it’s what blues needs and often lacks, especially in blues-rock…good solos all around, tasteful and well done…thanks for some really good music.”

– Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records & Artist Management, Inc. April 2001

Hit the Bricks

by Skip Towne & the Greyhounds

HitTheBricksBlues Rock – Hard driving, heartfelt, Chicago-style, classic blues, and ballads featuring, PETER QUINN, singer-songwriter of the national gold hit on Atlantic Records, “THE CURLY SHUFFLE” (Jump\’n The Saddle).¬†Release Date: 2000

1. Boom, Boom, Out Go The Lights
2. Bulletproof Heart
3. Don’t Worry Baby
4. I’m Tore Down
5. I’ve Got Love If You Want It
6. Mailbox Blues
7. Help The Poor
8. Walking By Myself
9. Nightlife
10. I Ain’t Got Nobody
11. I Get Evil
12. Labor Of Love
13. I Don’t Feel Like Rockin’ The Blues

“Very respectable and tasteful album…the band was exceptionally solid.”
Reviewer: Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records, April 2001

“All in all, a very respectable and tasteful album…the playing was very good and feeling full, the band was exceptionally solid, and there was a level of professionalism that I rarely hear from a local band I don’t know…this was still way better than 90% of the material I receive and there was a lot here for you to be proud of…I think you’ve got a good band and have done a good job presenting yourselves. Thanks for sharing the good music.”

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